Monday, August 9, 2010

Suhoor Suggestions

I asked people for suggestions for easy and satisfying suhoor ideas. Insha'allah I will share them, but first here is a poem from Rumi reminding that the month of Ramadan is not all about food:

Rumi’s Ramadan Poem

O moon-faced Beloved,
the month of Ramadan has arrived
Cover the table
and open the path of praise.

O fickle busybody,
it’s time to change your ways.
Can you see the one who’s selling the halvah
how long will it be the halvah you desire?

Just a glimpse of the halvah-maker
has made you so sweet even honey says,
“I’ll put myself beneath your feet, like soil;
I’ll worship at your shrine.”

Your chick frets within the egg
with all your eating and choking.
Break out of your shell that your wings may grow.
Let yourself fly.

The lips of the Master are parched
from calling the Beloved.
The sound of your call resounds
through the horn of your empty belly.

Let nothing be inside of you.
Be empty: give your lips to the lips of the reed.
When like a reed you fill with His breath,
then you’ll taste sweetness.

Sweetness is hidden in the Breath
that fills the reed.
Be like Mary – by that sweet breath
a child grew within her.

Okay so now suggestions for suhoor:

whole wheat bread, skim milk, water, hard-boiled egg....

yogurt, rice, hashbrowns

not the instant...and add sugar, cinnamon, and if you want maple syrup :)
oh and Almond milk :)
and if you want you can add peanut butter and banana to the oatmeal as well

scrambled egg and some cheese wrapped in whole wheat apple and buku (lots of) water.
or instead of apple, nice green salad!!! make sure you eat some RAW earth based food in whatever you eat!!! oh yeah, a handful of almonds and a bit of peanuts...

Take about 2 cups of 2% milk or even soy milk in a blender,add a little dry oatmeal,1 banana,honey,cinnamon,4 almonds,a little of flax seeds.
Blend well for about 3 min. I hope you enjoy as much as I do every time. You can have a piece of toast or bagel with it or just by itself is fine.

Almond butter and honey (or banana) sandwich on whole grain toast.

date , some almond, tea, bread with butter or cheese or yogurt , of course water

I put frozen mixed berries and 4 oz soft tofu in the blender with a little agave and blend. You can also substitute vanilla yogurt in place of tofu.

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