Friday, August 6, 2010

Got this in E-mail - Sermon delivered by the Prophet (SA) on the Last Friday of Sha'ban

Salam alaikum wa Rahmatullah,
Bismillah Ta'ala

On this last Friday of Sha'ban, we cannot help but be reminded by the Sermon delivered by the Prophet (SA) on the Last Friday of Sha'ban on the reception of the holy month of Ramadan. The transition from one blessed month to the other where the doors of mercy & forgiveness from Allah (SWT) are opened even wider is only a minute example of the absolute generosity of Rabb Al Kareem in giving us more than one chance to redeem ourselves and strive towards divine proximity.

You may visit this link to view the Prophet's sermon in preparation for this exceptional month: It is worthy to note that Rasulullah (SA) did not begin the sermon by addressing the audience as "Oh Muslims..." nor did he say "Oh Believers...". Instead he addresses every human being by saying "Oh People!"/Ayyoha Al Naas to give us the message that the doors of opportunity in this month are open to everyone without exception! Also the Prophet (SA) confirms that the devils/shayateen are handcuffed & confined in this month, but he does not state that our desires & temptations are confined or curbed. Hence, we must make all effort to observe Taqwa and War'a which is one of the best deeds to practice in this mubarak month. So let us roll our sleeves and make the intention to become good guests who are worthy of being invited by the most generous Host! After all, who knows if we'll live till the next Ramadan? According to one hadeeth, (verbatim) if we were to recognize the many blessings of this holy month, we would've wished that the whole year was Ramadan!

As a reminder, the first 10 days of Shahr Ramadan are known for the blessings of Rahma/mercy, the 10 middle days for Maghfira/repentance, and the last 10 days which contains the special night of Laylatul Qadr is marked by being set free from the punishment of Hell-Fire.

Please remember all momineen & mominaat in your prayers particularly those who are oppressed around the world.

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