Sunday, August 15, 2010

Quran Vocabulary Flashcards

Here is another e-mail I received that I thought would be useful. This comes from the Quran Word of the Day list owner. If you want to join the list, send a request to

as-salamu `alaykum,

Just an update that the flashcard website is now working. It is also available to study from on your iphone if you download the app.

Each day, more or less, we are trying to add 5-10 flashcards to the flashcard website that was previously not working.

If you start studying now, it would be excellent opportunity since there are only 20-30 words there right now, so it is not too overwhelming. Words are being added since the QWOTD list started, so they are mostly words that are some of the most common words in the Qur'an.

To access it:
password: quran

Simply go to "My stuff" --> "My flashcards."
If you want study to the flash cards - click on study.

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