Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Radio Ramadhan, From the UK, to the world!

Given the fast paced nature of instant communication and media saturation that is all around us these days, radio tends to be overlooked, missed out or simply ignored! It is however, an incredibly powerful medium: not least because its non-visual basis enables the listener to get allot more intimate with the content, and use it as a real learning tool without any other sensory distractions.
Many of us wouldn’t necessarily look to Radio during Ramadhan, but given that I live in a some what sparse Muslim community, a group of activists decided to do just that. 16 years ago, they came together and decided to create a radio based learning resource, that would not only educate, but would also unite Muslims across the community, regardless of their cast, creed or denomination. This radio Broadcast was my first introduction to Islam: I stumbled across it by accident, and thus began my quest for guidance. 16 years later, this model still stands and has in fact been replicated across the UK in cities, towns and even some rural locations. The broadcast is on air 24 hours a day, every day during the Blessed Month of Ramadhan, and while not all of the broadcasts will be appropriate to our particular persuasion, You’ll be sure to find something that will interest or soothe you, especially the beautiful overnight qur’an translations! Its also a nice Ramadhan background: something you can have on your computer while you work, keeping the Ramadhan vibe going. Visit this link and select your city of preference, then select the listen live link. Broadcasts will begin from the 10th August 2010, Insha Allah.
If you have any special Ramadhan broadcasts in your town or city, do share the links with us in the comments section.

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  1. Asalaam Alaaykum
    Thank you Sister Roshni, I am very glad you are joining us and sharing this great resource!