Friday, August 6, 2010

Feed a Fasting Person Iftar

I received this from the Liaison office of the Marjaeya in North America today.

As narrated by the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.h.):
"Whoever provides Iftar (breaking fast food) for one fasting believer,
gains the reward of freeing a person"

Dear believers,

You are invited to provide Iftar for an indigent person fasting this month.
Providing food to break the fast by paying only US$ 10.00 gains the same reward as freeing a person!

Make your contribution - Feed a fasting needy person
You will receive your receipt within seconds electronically!

Please Remember:
You live in safety, peace, and lead a life full of numerous bounties.
You are in a place in which most likely you can afford at least a sandwich every day.
You have brothers and sisters in humanity whose condition is critical, and they accept aid and help from you.
By providing Iftar, it is a practical gratitude to Allah, and without a doubt it is the reason for the continuation of blessings.
For those interested in the affairs of the poor and needy, responding to calls from our brothers and sisters opens the gates of help in accordance with the call of our Prophet (p.b.u.h.h.) to feed one fasting believer at the very least.
The price of one complete Iftar covers expenses associated with it.
If your donation arrives after the 25th of Ramadan, then the money will be spent feeding the poor in general.
Please inform all those you love and wish well in life about this project.

Click Here to Feed the Fasting

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