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Reading Material for preparation for the month of Ramadhan

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1.A Short Treatise on The Divine Invitation by Muhammad M. Khalfan ...Each year, as we approach the Graceful Month of Ramadān, we are considered as the ‘Special Guests’ of Allah (SwT). What does it mean to be a special guest? What is the difference between an ‘ordinary’ invitation and a ‘special’ invitation? Why is the Holy Month of Ramadān described by the Holy Prophet (s) as ‘The Banquet of Allāh’?

2. Know Islamic Laws relating to Fasting Fasting means that a person must, in obedience to the commands of Allah, from the time of Adhan for Fajr prayers up to Maghrib, avoid nine things which will be mentioned later. ..Niyyat for Fasting.........

3.Manifestations of the All-Merciful by Abu Muhammad Zaynu'l 'Abidin --A Commentary and reflections on the first portion of the supplication recited daily during the month of Ramadhan that begins with "Allahumma adkhil `alaa ahli-l-quboor as-suroor" (O Allah, give happiness to the people of the grave).

The Holy Prophet (s) is reported to have said

Whosoever supplicates with this prayer in the Holy month of Ramadan after the prescribed prayer, his sins (dhunub) would be forgiven till the Day of Judgment.(Allama Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, v.95, p.120, ch.6 )
Du'a is not a mere verbal utterance, but "a state of real want," which mostly is manifested by the verbal supplication. So long as there is no harmony between "the inner state of want" and "the verbal utterance," the supplication would lack its spirit.
Realizing this, we say that "the state of yearning for the betterment of every human species" is an 'innate want' of every human being who enjoys an untainted soul. This is because every human being has been fashioned with the Attributes of Almighty Allah. And one such attribute is "mercy" which is all-embracing. Therefore the human being innately wants the betterment of every other human being. The reason why many of us do not experience Ithis quality is our separation from the neighborhood of our All- Loving Creator. Therefore we need to undergo self-purification to realize this quality that has been veiled due to the accumulation of sins and attachment to the world of matter. And when we experience the state of "yearning for the betterment of others" and translate the same in the form of words, our supplication would carry meaning, and we would benefit from its great merit. ...
In this Graceful Month when the over-flowing Grace of the All- Gracious is continuous, let us humbly ask Almighty Allah to enable us to be among those wh utter this wonderful supplication as a translation of our inner spirits. '
4.Spiritual Journey of the Mystics (Suluk al-Arifan) by Haj Javad Maliki Tabrizi Etiquette and codes of special deeds performed by Allah's most sincere servants during the Holy Month of Ramadhan; the self-restraint and asceticism practised by them during these worships and the self-purification achieved by them....

The most important duty of a devoted wayfarer in this great month is to understand the right of this Holy Month in which Allah (the Glorious, the Exalted), has invited the wayfarers of His path for a feast. Also he must understand the correct meanings of fasting and its relevance with Allah's invitation. Having discovered this reality he must endeavour that all his actions and deeds are accompanied with required devotion and sincerity in order to earn the pleasure of his host Allah (the Glorious, the Exalted)

5.Fast of the Month of Ramadhan by Yasin T. Al-Jibouri Includes fasting in history, benefits of fasting, types of fasts, and the Prophet's preaching on Ramadhan. Also includes other articles on the Night of Power, and Invocations for Ramadhan

6.Understanding the Month of Glory Excellent lessons and activities on the month of Ramadhan for children and youth; includes verses from the Qur'an, traditions on fasting, a chant, Ramadhan checklist, reasons for fasting, seaking nearness to God, and much more.

7.Know More about Duas & its etiquettes

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