Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Aasalaamu alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak!!!

Ramadan is a marriage of our physical and spiritual beings. The spiritual benefits are what keep me focused during the foregoing of the things that normally keep me physically going during the day. For most of this year, I've been losing weight. 53 pounds so far. I initially had concerns for fasting because if caloric intake is low, metabolism slows way down. It's important to know that health is an important factor in fasting, but also to know that fasting can be healthy. In the 90's, my husband had a heart attack, and he had been fasting for 3 months of every year for several years. I asked his cardiologist if the fasting had contributed to his heart attack, and his Dr. looked at me and said, " If more people fasted, I'd have a lower patient load." He went on to explain that fasting is good for your body, if you're eating nutrient dense foods when you do eat. The type of fast is important as well, and he explained that a Muslim fast is ideal for good health. The key and deciding factor comes down to the foods you eat when you're not fasting. In a 24 hour period, it doesn't matter what hours you're eating, as long as the calories and nutrient values are what your body needs to properly function. I hope you all do yourselves a favor, and find out what your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is. This number of calories is what your body needs, dependent on age/sex/current weight, and considers your activity level when giving you the rate. I promise, if your caloric intake is within that range, you'll feel better and be able to  do the extra prayers you're intending to do. Also, hydration is extremely important during these summer days. Please be mindful that your body has a right on you! Drink plenty of water. Not soda! So many brothers and sisters end up with kidney issues within the first week because they haven't hydrated properly. I cannot emphasize it enough: DRINK WATER! I'll close with wishing everyone a very Happy Ramadan. May you be blessed in it, and may your fasting and extra acts be accepted and rewarded. And, please forgive me for any offenses I may have caused.

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  1. asalaam alaaykum and Ramadan Mubarak sis - thanks for posting!
    Do you have a recommendation for best source to calculate BMR and also what foods to eat - simple ones?