Saturday, August 11, 2012

Prayer for One's Parents

(Namaz e Hadiya Waaledain)

Two Rakats

Rakat One:
1. Surah Fateha
2. Qunoot Ten times recite 14:41 from Qur'an "Rabbanaghfirlee wa lay waaledaiyya wa lil momineena yauma yaqumul hisab" - "Our Lord!  Cover us with Your forgiveness - me, my parents and all believers on the day that the reckoning will be established"
3.  Finish Rakat as usual.

Rakat Two:
1.  Surah Fateha
2.  Qunoot Ten times recite 71:28 from Qur'an "Rabbighfirlee wa lay waaledaiyya wa lay mun de khala baitee momeenan wa lil momineena wal mominaat" - "Our Lord! Forgive me and my parents and those who enter my house with belief and men who believe and women who believe."
3.  Finish Rakat as usual.

Sajdah after completing the Salat
 Recite ten times 17:24 "Rabbir ham homa kama rabba-yaanee sagheera" - Our Lord!  Forgive them both for they have brought me up in my childhood."


  1. This is a beautiful prayer, Mashallah. Thanks for posting.
    Also, the du'a in Sahifa Sajjadiya for parents is very beautiful.

  2. Thank you! When I first converted someone gave me a little prayer booklet that had this in it - the book was printed in India or Africa and was probably 40 years old when I got it, but I still use it and try to hold it together as it slowly disintegrates.