Thursday, August 11, 2011

Somalia Aid Appeal

CAI Special Bulletin

SOS Somalia:

You may have read or heard of the horrible draught and hunger situation in Somalia. There is a desperate Muslim community on the Somalia - Kenya border that is literally dying of hunger as I write this appeal; some UN reports claim 10 children dying every day. Able adults, who fast have nothing to break their fasts with, not even stale bread. Comfort Aid International (CAI) is organizing the distribution of food grains to these hapless people as soon as possible, perhaps as early as middle of August. This will be done through a very reputable local humanitarian organization to areas not currently served by various international NGO's; I will, insha'Allah, personally distribute this food in the affected areas.

CAI has allocated US$30,000 towards this project and will do more insha'Allah, funding permitting. I appeal to every one of you 8,000 plus people getting this appeal - please help in this desperate situation. Even if you give just $5 each, we will collect $40,000. There is no admin cost here, zero; a donor is underwriting all non-food related costs. All funds collected will be used to purchase food, except for about US$1,000 in total diesel costs to ferry the food from Nairobi to the distress area, and I will personally supervise the distribution of food grains, insha'Allah.

I am fully cognizant we have just concluded our Ramadhan Iftaar drive but this is serious stuff that needs our united efforts. Remember, Allah (S) will not hold us responsible for not changing such situations, but he will certainly hold us firmly responsible for not trying. Please, please help and help me in propagating this appeal for me.

Jazaak'Allah and Allah bless,

Yusuf Yusufali

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